Sending email

Using Gmail to send and manage your personalized email accounts.

These steps only work if your Gmail is already setup to receive email

through a forwarder.


Log into Gmail

Start by logging into your Gmail account. At the top right of your screen you will see a gear icon. Click the icon and choose ‘Settings’ from the dropdown list.



Accounts and Import

Go to Accounts and Import and scroll to “Send mail as: “. Then look for and click on the link that says “Add another email address”. You will generally want to leave the selection to reply using the same address.


Setup the email to send from

Enter your information in the pop up screen. Be sure to keep the check mark in “Treat as an alias” This is the setting that actually allows you to reply from your personalized email account and


Enter the SMTP settings

Enter the following settings for the SMTP server to send email through:

  • SMTP Server — This should only be ‘’.
  • Port — 587
  • Username — Your full email address
  • Password — Your email password
  • Secured connection using TLS — Check this box

Roughwater Creative customers are hosted on the excellent and reliable DreamHost platform. If you are not using us as your hosting partner then you will need to modify these settings according to your hosting provider. If you are looking to set up your own hosting account we recommend you take a look at the many options provided by DreamHost (affiliate link). And of course if we can be of any assistance we would love to hear from you, contact us anytime!


Verify your account

The final step is to verify your email address. If you are a Roughwater Creative client, your email address will already be setup to forward to your gmail account, so you can just check your email and you will see the confirmation code. If you are not one of our customers you will need to setup your gmail to receive emails first.

Sending A New Message

Now that you have setup your personalized email address you can also send new messages as that account. When you compose a new message you will now see a drop down arrow in the “From” field. Click this arrow and select your personalized email address!

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